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Jones is your international logistics partner! We perfectly master all aspects of freight transport logistics, and we offer solutions that specifically meet your needs. We collaborate with a vast network of stakeholders, and we work tirelessly to ensure that your goods arrive safely, according to your requirements and in accordance with your reality. You’re sure to receive impeccable customized service.

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With Jones, you won’t only have access to a contact person, who will support and guide you throughout your project, but you’ll also get fast and efficient service. What our team wants more than anything is to offer optimal solutions, tailored to your business reality.

Rigorous quality control of documents

Quick quote in 48 hours

Assignment to a contact person

Transparent communication at all times

Assistance at all stages and after-sales service

Quick and precise answers to your questions

A solution-oriented team

Complete turnkey solutions

For quality freight forwarding

Your partner in international logistics

Aware of the difficulties associated with import and export operations, the confusion and sometimes abandonment that you may feel, we devote significant effort to offering personalized support, throughout the process of transporting your goods. We believe that all businesses should be able to enjoy peace of mind and an exceptional experience in international logistics.

Benefit from personalized solutions that will simplify your life and together, we’ll build a lasting relationship of trust.

No matter your challenge, we will be by your side.

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Stay up to date with news, advice, and current affairs in the field of international transport logistics. Learn more about all the elements that can impact the movement of your goods.

Understanding the Difference Between DDP and DAP Incoterms for Exporters

In the realm of international trade, Incoterms play a pivotal role in delineating responsibilities and costs between buyers and sellers. Two commonly used terms, DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) and DAP...
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Low-Emission Fuels: The Future of the Container Shipping Industry

The container shipping industry forms the backbone of international trade, transporting goods from one corner of the globe to another. However, with the rapid growth of this industry, environmental concerns...
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W.J. Jones is now Jones, international freight forwarder

We are rebranding! W.J. Jones is now Jones International Freight Forwarder

We are excited to introduce our new brand identity: W.J. Jones is now Jones International Freight Forwarder, and expert provider of international logistics solutions!We are dedicated to supporting you through...
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La lettre de crédit de A à Z

Letters of Credit from A to Z

Global commerce has its own rules, and some of them can be stressful and difficult to understand. Importers and exporters need to be familiar with Letters of Credit. Jones will...
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Cargo Shipping

A planning guide to cargo shipping during spring thaw

Whether you’re an importer or an exporter, making the right decisions will undoubtedly have an impact on costs and delivery times. And during spring thaw, when shipping logistics become a...
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Maritime transport via Montreal: expansion of the Contrecoeur terminal

This past February 1st, the Montreal Port Authority (MPA) unveiled its project to develop a new container terminal in Contrecoeur. This major project will support the growth of the container...
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Whatever the challenge, we’ll be by your side

Client testimonials

Certain de nos clients à l’exportation veulent absolument utiliser la lettre de crédit pour chacune de nos transactions. C’était un stress supplémentaire pour nous étant donné les instructions strictes à respecter et les coûts supplémentaires en cas d’irrégularités. L’équipe de Jones a su nous rassurer en inspectant la lettre de crédit avec attention pour nous mentionner les points à vérifier ou à modifier.

Laurie-Anne Touchette, Adjointe comptabilité


Laurie-Anne Touchette, Adjointe comptabilité


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