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Do you want to transport your frozen products to Europe? Do you have a small amount of goods to ship? Do you find air travel too expensive?

If you are in this situation, our frozen products groupage solution, the only one of its kind in Canada, is what you need. Regardless of the final destination in Europe, our team will make sure that your merchandise arrives as soon as possible and under the transport conditions appropriate to the sensitivity of your product.

Maritime frozen products groupage

The advantages of maritime frozen products groupage

Money saving

Security of merchandise

Many storage options

Flexibility of services at destination

What is it?

Maritime frozen products groupage

Maritime groupage is the groupage of merchandise coming from various shippers, in the same container. Maritime transport is popular because it offers a safe environment for goods and reasonable shipping times, in addition to being more economical than air transport. In addition, it ensures the preservation of products that must be maintained at a specific temperature. The Jones team will find the ideal solution for your export needs to Europe.

Apply for your Cargo insurance

Ensure the quality of your goods

Cargo insurance secures your merchandise and reduces the risk of transportation-related financial losses. Contact the Jones team to choose the coverage best suited to your needs.

Are you looking for high-security seals (bolt seals) for export containers? Just contact us and our team will handle it for you.


Do you have other needs?

Complementary services

offre d'emplois - Analyste à la tarification et ventes internes

Coordination of certification processes

Customs clearance service in Europe

Full coordination of door-to-door transport

How can an international freight forwarder help you achieve your goals?

The main aim of international logistics is to send goods sold by a company located in one country to a customer located in another as soon as possible and under the best conditions.

All these operations must be organized in compliance with the laws and international trade treaties of each country. The complexity of the international supply chain requires the intervention of several stakeholders: carriers, banks, insurance companies, customs authorities, port facilities and various ministries. Your coordinator is at the centre of the process, in order to orchestrate all the steps for you, from the point of departure to the point of arrival.

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Client testimonials

Certain de nos clients à l’exportation veulent absolument utiliser la lettre de crédit pour chacune de nos transactions. C’était un stress supplémentaire pour nous étant donné les instructions strictes à respecter et les coûts supplémentaires en cas d’irrégularités. L’équipe de Jones a su nous rassurer en inspectant la lettre de crédit avec attention pour nous mentionner les points à vérifier ou à modifier.

Laurie-Anne Touchette, Adjointe comptabilité


Laurie-Anne Touchette, Adjointe comptabilité


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