We are rebranding! W.J. Jones is now Jones International Freight Forwarder

By Nicolas Aubert

We are excited to introduce our new brand identity: W.J. Jones is now Jones International Freight Forwarder, and expert provider of international logistics solutions!

We are dedicated to supporting you through the import and export chain, with solutions tailor-made for your needs. Our expert team fully understands every aspect of freight coordination and has the right solutions for your business. Our extensive network of agents will see that your shipments get to the right destination, exactly as you want them. 


International freight forwarder: Send your products to the right port, get professional import-export service

Do you need one-on-one contact with your freight forwarder, speedy answers to questions, tracking information on your goods and smooth and efficient management? With a team of specialists in international transport logistics, our freight forwarding service is the best available. Our team will deliver to the right destination.


Documentary credits: Professional support for documentary credits and letters of credit

Do you need clarification or assistance with documentary credit forms? Do you know what to do when you get an export letter of credit? Do you want to receive your goods as ordered, or paid by your customer on the initial transaction? For exporters, we review letters of credit, coordinate, and help you with documents that meet banking requirements. For importers, we help you apply for documentary credit.


Consolidated shipping services for frozen products: Bringing your products to the right destination- a sensible shipping option

Do you want to ship frozen products to Europe, but only have a small quantity? Is air transport too costly for you? We have the only frozen cargo groupage in Canada. Wherever you ship to in Europe, we make sure it gets there in the shortest possible time and in the best possible conditions for your product's sensitivity.


Innovating for a better future

Stay tuned! We are excited about the new services we'll be offering in 2022. We are working to develop new solutions for the reality of Covid and the economy, so we can serve you better.


Jones, your partner in international logistics, for a peace of mind guaranteed

Businesses need peace of mind when it comes to international freight forwarding. We can relate to the confusion and stress involved with importing and exporting goods internationally. With extensive expertise in shipping and forwarding, we deliver the best possible solutions in transportation logistics. 


That is precisely why we guarantee superior service at every single phase of your shipment.


We can help you maximize efficiency and limit your stress, risks and financial losses. 


We help you to succeed,


Your Jones Team

W.J. Jones is now Jones, international freight forwarder

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